Healthy Families

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

UPDATE: The Fairfax County proposed $7.13 billion budget for fiscal year 2016 comes at devastating cost for the most vulnerable families in our community. Included in the budget is the complete elimination of Healthy Families, a nationally recognized, evidence-based child abuse and neglect prevention program that serves hundreds of at-risk families. By eliminating this program, the total “savings” to the County would equal approximately $1.6 million now, but could amount to unforeseen future costs for schools, human services, public safety and more. Click here to read more.

Cornerstones leadership and Board Members, along with partnering organizations, appeared at the Fairfax County Public Hearing on April 8th for testimony regarding our human services and housing priorities.

In 2014, 2,212 complaints of child abuse and neglect were assessed or investigated by Fairfax County’s Child Protective Services. Some of these incidents might have been prevented if the parents had known how to deal with their stress, frustration, and anger.

To help at-risk families stay healthy, Cornerstones participates in Healthy Families Fairfax, a local chapter of Healthy Families America, a nationally accredited program to prevent child abuse and neglect.

To be enrolled in the program, families receive a confidential visit from a Health Families nurse. The nurse conducts a survey and a family background, to assess if the family is considered at risk for child abuse/neglect.

Once in the program, trained family support workers conduct regular home visits to provide parent education and guidance for first-time and at-risk parents from the early days of pregnancy to their child’s fifth birthday.

Family support services include:

  • Screening children for developmental delays
  • Educating parents about healthy childrearing practices
  • Assessing the home environment for potential risks
  • Helping families develop goals
  • Finding support services for families

Click here to view the Healthy Families Wish List.

Questions about Healthy Families? Contact Jeanine Gravette, Program Manager, 571-323-3676.