Healthy Families

UPDATE: On Tuesday morning, April 21, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors informally adopted a budget plan that will restore funding to the Healthy Families Fairfax program, along with its associated staffing and supports. Cornerstones is thrilled to see the Board place due priority in this important child health and development program, which prevents abuse and neglect.

In 2014, 2,212 complaints of child abuse and neglect were assessed or investigated by Fairfax County’s Child Protective Services. Some of these incidents might have been prevented if the parents had known how to deal with their stress, frustration, and anger.

To help at-risk families stay healthy, Cornerstones participates in Healthy Families Fairfax, a local chapter of Healthy Families America, a nationally accredited program to prevent child abuse and neglect.

To be enrolled in the program, families receive a confidential visit from a Health Families nurse. The nurse conducts a survey and a family background, to assess if the family is considered at risk for child abuse/neglect.

Once in the program, trained family support workers conduct regular home visits to provide parent education and guidance for first-time and at-risk parents from the early days of pregnancy to their child’s fifth birthday.

Family support services include:

  • Screening children for developmental delays
  • Educating parents about healthy childrearing practices
  • Assessing the home environment for potential risks
  • Helping families develop goals
  • Finding support services for families

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Learn how Healthy Families helped Maria establish a healthy, stable environment for her baby.

Questions about Healthy Families? Contact Jeanine Gravette, Program Manager, 571-323-3676.